CV Sourcing

Cv Sourcing

CV Sourcing is the initial phase of recruitment process

What is CV Sourcing:

CV sourcing is a way to discover resumes inside the recruitment process. Sourcing is the initial phase of the recruitment process. Professional and corporate recruiters who specialise in finding initial names are known as sources.

Many big companies hire a team of sourcing specialists who completely concentrate on the initial screening of candidates. CV sourcing has greater significance in the overall hiring strategy of any type of company, so it’s better and superior.

To hunt for a suitable candidate for a particular vacancy is a time-consuming task that requires searching through CV databases and in-house ATS systems, and it’s tediously expensive.

So you can save your time and money by outsourcing your recruitment-related worries by having a completely-devoted account manager. Ultimate Outsourcing promises you a virtual platform that will take care of the strategic functions of interacting and networking with the right candidate and developing new customer connections.

Ultimate Outsourcing source CVs and screening solutions from 12 UK Premium job boards, our particular ATS database of over 5 million active candidates, and LinkedIn Recruiter profiles with emails, help you pick the best candidate for your vacancy.

Ultimate Outsourcing gives a complete range of CV sourcing services and results across the UK to all types of companies. We collect hundreds of resumes through online job boards to find the right talent for our clients. We make use of the latest technology to find the perfect resumes according to the requirements of clients.

Our CV sourcing team consists of experienced and professional recruiters who can choose the right candidate according to the job specifications. Ultimate Outsourcing uses advanced Boolean searching approaches to build custom search strings based on your specific and general job requirements. We give you the best suitable CVs for your daily requirements.

The Types of CV sourcing we have:

To apply successful sourcing you should have complete knowledge of your whole business procedure, i.e. how are your assets spent in the business and how is the market influenced. You should also know the explicit dangers related to carrying out specific approaches.

Acquiring cheap goods and services shouldn’t be the only goal of sourcing. Rather, procurement teams should center sourcing activities on developing mutually beneficial connections. Depending on your sourcing needs and the things you want, you can choose to work directly with wholesalers, manufacturers, or sources from distributors.

Having said that, what types of sourcing should you consider?

Here are some CV Sourcing types,

1: Outsourcing

The most useful and direct model would enlist a party outside an organization to perform administrations or produce products that were generally performed in-house. This can also be done by migrating operations abroad or partnering with a domestic supplier. Both back and frontal office functions can be outsourced.

2: Insourcing

This type of sourcing involves you delegating a job to someone or a team within the company. Most company leaders prefer this option when available because it’s an excellent cost-saving strategy that allows on-the-ground monitoring of the quality of goods and services required.


Ultimate Outsourcing gives you the best suitable CVs for your daily requirements.

  • 8-15 quality CVs as per your requirement.
  • High value of client confidentiality and loyalty
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Access to Premium Job boards + LinkedIn Recruiter

* Searches can be repeated, upon instructions, for more candidates depending upon their availability in the databases.

Our staff can do it skillfully

Once we get to know the job descriptions of the position and the required competencies such as desired qualifications, experience, etc, we start our CV sourcing services. We’ve our internal database which is quite rich.

This serves as an excellent reference source. Apart from this we also source the requisite CVs from online job portals. We’ve subscription accounts with some of the biggest online portals that supply us with a diverse range of candidates. After getting the CVs, the next step is to separate the most Relevant from the not-so-relevant. This is a time taking process. Our skilled administrator handles scores of CVs extremely fast.