Pre-Qualification Services we will only pass you those candidates who are looking for a new job and ready to go for an interview.

Pre-Qualification Services:

In Pre-Qualification Services, we will only pass you those candidates who are looking for a new job and ready to go for an interview. There’s no need to search for candidates by yourself and call them for their availability. We’ll do everything for you. Your devoted account manager will do the initial contact with the candidates and evaluate the entire prospect before delivering him to you.

Following are the steps

• Searching right candidates from UK Premium Job boards & LinkedIn Recruiter.

• Contact potential candidates by email, Skype, or telephone from 8 am to 10 pm.

• Ask for their availability for a new job.

• Administer any test if it’s needed in the recruitment process

• Once everything is said and done, we will only forward the CVs of the shortlisted candidates.

Ultimate Outsourcing knows what you need:

The key to getting what you want? Is knowing what you’re looking for. That is where good planning comes in. Ensuring that you have an in-depth understanding of the role you’re hiring for, will make the rest of the recruitment process easier and quicker. Since you’ll quickly be able to determine who has the experience, needed to successfully fulfill the role. It also ensures candidates have a clear purpose and planned goals for the position when they join.

Candidates pre-Qualification:

This model is ideal for companies that want a recruiting partner who’ll conduct the candidate selection process in addition to identifying prospects. Our team will identify, make initial contact with and conduct screening of candidates before delivering them to your recruiters. Our Resources contact potential candidates by email and/ or telephone. We’ll work with your organization to
  • Develop a series of candidate screening questions.
  • Administer any tests your client requires in the recruitment process
  •  communicate your prospects by mail/ telephone to determine their suitability

Ultimate Outsourcing organized Interview:

Ideally, all candidates should be asked the same questions and their answers should be scored consistently by all members of the interview panel.
  • Supplementary questions can be asked to clarify or explore the candidate’s answers.
  • Care should be taken not to ask any questions concerning details of the candidates’ personal life – this could lead to potential discriminatory issues.
  • Provide feedback to candidates if requested. Feedback can be written or oral, but should be objective and given in agreement with any written policy.

Make an Offer of Employment:

  • Make a written offer to the successful candidate.
  • Set a time limit for acceptance of the offer.
  • An offer of employment should state that it is subject to the contract (if that is the case), evidence of authorization to work in the UK, and receipt of satisfactory references (or any other condition).
  • Advise of any probationary period.


Once the offer has been accepted, seek permission to approach the candidate’s references.